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ALERT: Please call 911 if you witness acts of vandalism at the dog park

The off-leash area is conveniently located near the head of the Cedar River Trail, close to downtown Renton. Click here for directions.

Renton-based McLendon Hardware donated all of the fence materials for the dog park! Please show your support for McLendon's and all of our sponsors by shopping and buying locally.

RUFF is part of the 
Renton Community Foundation, which manages over forty-five individual charitable funds, supporting a wide variety of local non-profits and community needs with grants and administrative support. Click here to learn more about RCF’s important work.

We raised enough money to fund the basic construction of the dog park, but RUFF is responsible for the park's upkeep, maintenance, and improvements, so we still need your financial support! Please click here to donate.

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Welcome to RUFF!

In 2009, a dedicated group of citizens, working in close cooperation with the City of Renton, embarked on an ambitious plan to build Renton's first and only off-leash dog park. Our non-profit organization is named RUFF, or Renton’s Unleashed Furry Friends. With tremendous support from the community, we built the dog park in record time, and it's now open for business!

The Cedar River Dog Park is located on a beautiful city-owned parcel adjacent to the Cedar River Trail, site of the historic Denny-Renton Clay Works. The main portion of the dog park is approximately 3.5 acres, while a separate shy/small dog area measures 65 by 120 feet. Both areas are fully fenced with rustic split rail fencing and wire mesh. The dog park is accessed through gates in an entry paddock. See the Dog Park Info page for details.

The dog part is now in its initial 2-year "pilot project stage," but our efforts to improve and maintain the dog park are on-going. If you’d like to contribute funds, time, materials, or talents to the cause, please email us at rentonoffleash@gmail.com or visit the Donate or Volunteer pages.

Renton’s canine citizens finally have a place to call their own!

Dogs and their human companions can play and
socialize in a secure, fenced environment!